Heathwood Lower School

Heathwood Lower School

Our Curriculum Principles

"Leaders have created an ambitious curriculum which is broad and balanced. Leaders ensure that the key knowledge that pupils need to learn is set out clearly in all subjects from early years to Year 4. The new curriculum for foundation subjects has raised expectations of what pupils should know and understand."

Ofsted 2023

At Heathwood we aim to encourage and support every child to embed a love for learning, develop the personal qualities, attitudes, skills, knowledge and concepts necessary to reach their full potential,

Our children will learn important life skills so they leave Heathwood equipped to be successful learners, ready for the next steps in their lives.



Our project driven curriculum is firmly rooted in the 2014 National Curriculum. Our curriculum intends to provide opportunities for children to: develop new knowledge and skills, build on prior learning; revisit key skills and embed learning which gives all children the opportunities to succeed.  Through careful planning and adaptations we aim to ensure our curriculum is accessible to all, that it meets the needs of every individual and provides challenge and ambition for all our children.  We aim to deliver a curriculum that promotes equality and ensures all of our children are 'Learning together and Having Fun!'

Our curriculum intends to promote spiritual, moral, social, cultural,  and physical development of the children at Heathwood and prepares them for the society and the opportunities and responsibilities  they might encounter in the next stages of their lives.


At Heathwood we have an engaging, project driven curriculum which is relevant to the age, developmental stage, and interests of our children. It plans for progression and continuity across the school and through the age range, allowing for creativity, individuality and imagination. 

Teachers use a range of pedagogical approaches and strategies to ensure learning is engaging for all children including those with SEND. Project planning is inspirational with memorable moments, practical experiences and, where appropriate, educational visits or visitors.

Learning is further embedded through practical weekly ‘Enrichment’ and focussed weeks or days, for example, Healthy Heathwood Fortnight. 


We promote a culture of adaptive teaching, enabling all children to access and learn together, to be proactive and take some responsibility for their own learning and developing metacognition; learning to learn, thinking about thinking, knowing about knowing.

Children at Heathwood  are motivated  to learn, to be independent and resilient. They understand what is expected of them are determined learners from the start. Our children develop a love of learning and make good progress.

For more information about our curriculum, please see the detailed documents below:

   Heathwood Curriculum Overview

Whole School Subject Policy Statements
Art and Design
Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception)
Design and Technology
PSHE and Relationship Education

 Curriculum Progression of skills documents can be viewed at school.