Heathwood Lower School

Heathwood Lower School

School Evaluation and Development 


SDP Summary 2019-20-21 (Targets adapted and extended to account for school closure during Covid)


Areas for improvement



Quality of Education


·       Interesting, relevant and coherent curriculum

·       Progressive curriculum builds on previous learning

·       Valuing all children -Making whole experience relevant and fun

·       Children are curious and interested

·       High expectations and Challenging targets

·       Parents understand children’s progress and how to support them


·       Checking understanding, open ended questioning, challenging and Mastery

·       Marking and Feedback in line with policy

·       Identification and support for individuals and vulnerable groups

·       Rigorous approach to reading, phonics and maths


·       GLD continues to be inline or above national data

·       Phonics screening continues to improve raising to 97% WA

·       Yr 2-Ages and Stages analysis indicates outstanding progress through KS1 with above average at GD

·       Yr 4-Ages and Stages analysis indicates outstanding progress with above average at GD


·       Continue to raise standards in writing still further


·       Continue to develop the curriculum 


Embed the Curriculum


Ensure the implementation of the curriculum enables children to be back on track with their learning

·       High standards in writing continue to raise  across the school


·       Our curriculum meets all National curriculum requirements, is challenging and engaging

Behaviour and Attitudes

·       We have an environment of mutual respect where children learn together and have fun.

·       Children work hard and have an excellent attitude to learning

·       Children are confident and proud of their achievements

·      Overall Attendance is > 95%

·       We aim for high standards of behaviour and conduct

·        To promote social interaction 


Improve attendance of vulnerable groups

·  Improved engagement of our vulnerable children at play and lunchtimes

Personal Development

·       Our culture promotes all aspects of pupils’ welfare.

·       We all encourage children to ask questions and make choices

·       We provide opportunities to develop interests and talents

·       We listen to children and promote  children's’ voice

·       Staff and children are encouraged to take responsibility,  and  to develop independence and resilience.

·       Children know how to keep themselves safe

·       Continue to promote the welfare and wellbeing of all.


Support mental Health and Wellbeing following the full reopening of school

Leadership and Management

·       We provide an inclusive education with high expectations for all 

·       Promotion of values, equality and diversity leads to exemplary conduct

·       We offer abroad and balanced curriculum

·       Performance Management targets for all are linked to SDP

·       Staff reflect on the way they teach

·       Professional Development is encouraged for all

·       Governors challenge senior leaders and hold them to account

·       Governors have a clear understanding of the quality of teaching and Learning

·       Effective Safeguarding and Prevent training and practice

Develop a strategic plan for the Council's intended change of age range

Early Years

·       Leaders and practitioners are highly qualified and motivated

·       Stimulating environment and exceptional organisation of the curriculum 

·       Children are highly motivated and very eager to join in. 

·       Children make consistently good rates of progress in relation to their starting points a

·       Assessment is accurate and based on high quality observations. 

·       Effective Safeguarding and Prevent training and practice

·       Continue to develop the curriculum and wider curriculum


Embed the curriculum

·  Improved outcomes in the Pre-school and the EYFS