Heathwood Lower School

Heathwood Lower School

School Evaluation and Development 


Summary 2018-19


Areas for improvement



Leadership and Management

·       High expectations for all

·       Consistent outcomes

·       Performance Management targets for all are linked to SDP

·       Staff reflect on the way they teach

·       Professional Development for all

·       Broad and balanced curriculum

·       Promote equality and diversity

·       Governors challenge senior leaders and hold them to account

·       Governors have a clear understanding of the quality of teaching and Learning

·       Effective Safeguarding

·       Review the wider curriculum

·       Engage with the Local Authority in proposed move to 2 Tier system.

  • Our curriculum is relevant, challenging, engaging and fit for purpose and meets all National Curriculum requirements.
  • Plan is in place to convert to Primary school in line with CBC plans

Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

·    Children are confident and proud of their achievements

·    Children work hard and have an excellent attitude to learning

·    Staff and children encourage responsibility and  independence in themselves and others

·    We listen to children and promote  children's’ voice

·    We praise children and recognise achievements

·    We all encourage children to ask questions and make choices

·    Overall Attendance is > 95%

·    Restorative Approaches and Protected Behaviours

·       Actively promote all aspects of welfare and wellbeing for all.

  • Staff and children’s well being is acknowledged and supported


· Yr R

· upward trend continues with GLD raising to 87%

· Phonics screening continues to improve raising to 83% WA

· Yr 2

· Ages and Stages analysis indicates outstanding progress through KS1.

· Yr 4

· Attainment for this cohort was exceptionally high, all measures being well above LA averages.

· Ages and Stages analysis indicates outstanding progress through KS2.

·       Maintain good progress and high standards 

·       Outcomes remain above LA and National Average

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

·       High expectations and Challenging targets

·       Marking and Feedback in line with policy

·       Identification and support for individuals and vulnerable groups

·       Checking understanding, open ended questioning, challenging and Mastery

·       Parents understand children’s progress and how to support them

·       Valuing all children -Making whole experience relevant and fun

·       Children are curious and interested

·       Continue to improve pupils’ spelling and presentation (Ofsted area for development 2018)

  • High standards in writing continue to raise  across the school

Early Years

·       Safeguarding is effective

·       Children are motivated

·       Behaviour is good

·       Stimulating environment and curriculum

·       Assessment is rigorous

·       Progress is good

·       Maintain the improved outcomes in the Pre-school and the EYFSwith impending changes in personnel and leadership within the team.

·       Quality of Provision, Teaching and Learning remains at least good.

·       Outcomes remain above national average (87% in  2018)