Heathwood Lower School

Heathwood Lower School


Monthly Challenge

Well done to all of you who had a go at the Easter Challenges that were set last month.  There are lots of photographs and Signs of Spring in the hall, on the Challenge board.  The pizza faces made me hungry and looked very yummy!  We had some good Signs of Spring too, so well done everybody!

This month sees the coronation of our new King.  So, I thought we should really have two related challenges. 

King Charles will have an amazing crown called the St Edward’s crown placed on his head at the ceremony and I wondered if any of you could design a new coronation crown?

You could draw a picture or even make a model of your new coronation crown.  What colour would it be?  What material would it be made from?  What jewels would it have and what would they be like?  Have a go and see what you can create.

There will also be lots of street parties where you could play some party games.  I wondered if you could create your own new party game, fit for a King?  Could you link it to the coronation or the Royal Family?  What would your new game involve?  What would be the rules?  Could you link it to King Charles in any way?  What would your new party game be called?  

Have a go at my challenges and send me in what you come up with.  I will put them in the hall for everyone to see.

Get creative!

Paul Dicker