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Monthly Challenge

 A special mention goes to William S (Year R), Carina, Autumn and Oliver S (Year 1) for their marble runs from March, with a special well done to Carina and her two sisters in Pre-School for completing the Easter suncatcher challenge.  Also congratulations to Emerson (Year R) and his sister for his ‘umbrella challenge’ for April.  Children will receive their certificate and small token this Friday.   

Here are the challenges for May:

    • Creative Dotty Art Challenge:  Get your creative juices flowing and use your fingers or cotton buds to create your own dotty painting.  Examples are available in the hall and by clicking on the link on the website, so I am looking forward to seeing photos of your creations.
  • Maths Shape Challenge:  Make a 3D shape using straws:  You can fix the straws together anyway you like; by making a snip in one straw and sliding it inside the other; using pipe cleaners, paper clips, blu tac, or wool/string.  It will need to hold its shape so that you can take a photograph and send it to me either at the office@heathwood.beds.sch.uk or preschool@heathwood.beds.sch.uk.  Let me know the name of the shape you have made.    


I would also be delighted if your child(ren) could set the challenges - email them in to office@heathwood.beds.sch.uk  or preschool@heathwood.bds.sch.uk and I will reward you with a merit or housepoints!

Don’t forget you still have a few days to complete your ‘Design a Stamp’ based on your heroes from the Covid pandemic.  Entry forms are available from your class teacher or myself.   So far, the entries are from Chloe and Lucas (Year 4),  and Erin (Year 2).  I know there are more of you out there … so don’t forget to send in your entries; the Royal Mail and Heathwood are looking forward to some great, colourful stamps to remind us of our heroes!   

Have a great month and enjoy the challenges.    

Mrs Elaine Dicocco  

Well done to all those children who are completing challenges.