Heathwood Lower School

Heathwood Lower School


Monthly Challenge


Well here we are already in May, and the April challenge has come to a close.  Despite lots of interest from the children in the Tulip print out, I have not received any of these back in … perhaps the children enjoyed it so much they are masterpieces on your walls!  Well done to Carina (Y2), Freya and Melissa (P-S) who had great fun predicting whose liquid would keep the egg afloat and also to Freddy N (Y4) who also completed the egg floating challenge.  

This month’s challenges are:           

  • Handwriting Challenge:  Design your own dream menu.  

This is your chance to design your very own menu showing all your favourite dishes and treats.  There are examples in the hall.  Don’t forget to use your best handwriting and offer a range of different foods.  Then decorate or add some pictures to your menu.  Have a go at describing your foods to make them interesting, such as ‘with a tangy garlic mayonnaise or ripe, juicy fruits’. 

  • Art Challenge:  Can you make a surreal picture using just three common objects? You 

will receive a set of pictures (but you could make up your own) that you can cut out and 

then put in a bag or a hat so that you can randomly choose three cards representing an 

object, an animal or a plant and create a made up character by drawing them together.  Once you have drawn your imaginary creature, have fun colouring or painting it, and then, maybe, try another.  

Enjoy the challenges, have a great month and I look forward to seeing what you do!

Mrs Elaine Dicocco