Heathwood Lower School

Heathwood Lower School

Monthly Challenge

So here we are again with another new set of challenges.  These will be introduced during Wednesday’s assembly and the children have a whole month to complete them.  Please help and encourage them to have a go and have fun; the children that do are always very proud of their achievements. 

Don’t forget to remind them to send in last month’s challenges … the maths challenge of missing numbers, the matchbox challenge and the science challenge of making a mini tornado.  I can’t wait to see how many things they can fit in the matchbox and how well the tornadoes work; I will be doing mine in the next couple of days.  So far we have only had 5 matchboxes brought in, 6 maths challenges and only 1 tornado in a bottle; so let’s get busy! 

This month’s challenges are here:


  • Research challenge: When lightning strikes the sea why don’t all the fish die? Please take care with your presentation so that we can all be proud of your work.
  • Creative challenge: Decorate a capital letter of the alphabet, be as creative as you like.  This should be no bigger than A4 size and could be linked to you and what you like, alliteration or any other theme.  You can decorate your letter through pattern, pictures or objects.
  • Construction challenge: Can you make a straw bridge that will hold a toy car? 


Have a super time challenging yourself and enjoy the rest of the month! 

Mrs Elaine Dicocco


Don’t forget, we would be very excited if your child(ren) could set some of the challenges.  All entries are put in the Challenge Box in the Hall. Every child who enters into the challenge will be awarded a Bright Ideas certificate and a small prize by Mrs Dicocco during our celebration assemblies.