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Class 4 Spring Term Newsletter 


Dear Parents,


We hope that you have all had a lovely Half Term break.   We also hope that your child is enjoying their second term in Year 4.  This is a very busy term with a lovely topic and some very good opportunities for lots of learning and progress that can be made.  We can’t wait to get started! The children will be working hard and we have lots prepared for them.



Staffing continues to be the same.  We will both be teaching the class. This half term Mrs Wright will be teaching all day Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday.  Mr Dicker will be teaching all day Thursday and Friday. Mrs Randall, Mrs Davis and Miss Murphy will be working within the classroom as teaching assistants.


How can you continue to help your child at home?



Please continue to complete some form of reading work at home with your child as often as you can.  This could be hearing them read, it could be asking them questions about what they have read on their own, it could be asking them to summarise what they have already read or predict what may come next.  It could be looking at the language an author has used to describe something or perhaps you could compare different books by the same author or on the same theme. Please ensure that you make a note of what you have completed with your child in their diaries, which the children should be using to make a note of all of their independent reading. Please also look at your child’s reading targets – this may help with ideas.  Additionally, please pop in after school one day for more guidance if you feel you need to. Remember, the children can earn housepoints for their reading, so please fill in and sign their diaries.



Homework will continue to be set regularly.  Again, it is not expected that the children spend more than half an hour on each piece (per week).  There will be Maths homework set on Education City on a weekly basis and will generally consist of one or two activities that are related to the Maths learning of that week.  If you have any issues completing this online homework at home, the classroom will be open to the children to complete this homework on Tuesday lunchtime. Additionally, the children will soon receive topic homework, which will be related to the topic for this term which is ‘Step Back in Time’.  These are generally going to be practical activities where the children make something or complete some research related to the topic. More information will follow shortly.



Current targets are stuck in their diaries.  Please support your child with developing their skills around these targets.  If you would like any guidance or support to do this, please pop in to see us.


The Learning Platform

Your child continues to have access to the Learning Platform.  We will be adding topic related activities during the next few weeks and will let the children know when they are available.  The children also still have access to Education City and Purple Mash at home and are welcome to use these as and when they would like to.



Please ensure that your child has a pair of headphones in school for when we complete LEXIA in class.  As you can imagine, if the children do not have headphones it can get quite noisy and confusing when trying to hear the different activities that are going on.  


Topics and themes

Our next topic of the year is called ‘Step Back in Time’.  This is generally based around History themes and will cover three main periods in History – World War II, The Tudors and The Romans/Celts.  There is a curriculum pamphlet that provides details of the topic which is available on the school website. There is also a class visit to Holdenby House planned for 27th February 2019.  We have booked us in for a Tudor day, which involves participating in a range of Tudor activities. More information will follow soon.


To get us off to a ‘Stunning Start’, today (Friday 4th January), we have had our Historical Costume day.  Thank you to everyone – it was a very informative day. Thank you to all parents for your support with costumes, it really helped get our topic off to an amazing start!



Swimming will continue to take place on Monday mornings.  Please ensure that children have swimming kits in school on Monday mornings.  This needs to include a swimming hat and goggles. This half-term, PE lessons will continue to take place on Thursday afternoons.  Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit in school at all times (black shorts, purple t-shirt and plimsolls/trainers). We would also encourage you to ensure that as the weather is colder, the children should have tracksuit bottoms, a black fleece/jumper and trainers within their PE bag as we will be completing some PE sessions outside.  


As always, if you have any concerns about your son/daughter or any questions/queries, then please feel free to call into class after school to speak to one of us.


School Trips

We thought it might be useful to share with you the trips we have planned for the year and approximate costings.

September 2018 - Historical Society £1

17th October 2018   - Quarry & Stockgrove Visit £12

Spring Term - Holdenby House £20

24th - 26th April - New Barn £180

Summer Term - Hazard Alley £17

Further information about these visits will be sent out accordingly.


If you have any queries or concerns about your child or have any questions please do not hesitate to call in and speak to us.

Many thanks


Mr Dicker, Mrs Wright, Mrs Randall, Mrs Davis and Miss Murphy



Class 4 Spring Term 2019 Curriculum Pamphlet

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