Heathwood Lower School

Heathwood Lower School


Headteacher - Mrs Susanne Dove

Assistant Headteacher - Mrs Elaine Dicocco 

Assistant Headteachers (job-share): Mr Paul Dicker (SENDCo) and Mrs Jackie Wright (Curriculum)

Reception Class teachers - Mrs Sarah Scharff and Miss Talia Romaine

Class 1 teacher - Miss Sam Candler

Class 2 teacher - Miss Hannah O'Reilly 

Class 3 teacher -  Mr Keith Waterhouse

Class 4 teachers - Mr Paul Dicker and Mrs Jackie Wright

Reception Class Learning Support - Mrs Wendy White

Learning Support - Mrs Elaine Randall

Learning Support and Breakfast Club leader - Mrs Maxine Stanford

Learning Support - Mrs Lyn Wallace

Learning Support - Mrs Barbara Bisby

Learning Support - Mrs Sarah Clarke

Learning Support - Mrs Julie Davis

Learning Support and Mid-day supervisor - Mrs Amy Marsh

Learning Support - Mrs Donna Frost

Learning Support and Administration Assistant - Mrs Jackie Aspinwall

Learning Support - Mrs Natalie Rossiter

Learning Support - Mrs Jacqueline Minney

Language Provision Learning Support -  Mrs Karen Houghton

Language Provision Learning Support - Miss Laura Murphy

Mid-day supervisor - Mrs Johanna Beilby

Mid-day supervisor - Mrs Emma Clarke

Apprentice (Early Years) and Mid-day supervisor - Mrs Anna Hunt

Site Agent - Mr Simon Clowes

Office Manager - Mrs Lindsay Hiles

Finance Assistant - Mrs Michelle Taylor

Kitchen Manager - Mrs Jill Hopkins

Kitchen assistant - Mrs Rachel Collins