Heathwood Lower School

Heathwood Lower School

Governors details and disclosure 2016/2017

Governor name Category   Date of appointment/           election Date of re-election/re-appointment Committees Position of Responsibility Paid Employment (Employer's Name) Self employment Nature of business & (names of clients accounting for more than 10% of income ) Company Directorships Significant shareholdings eg where 5% or more of the issued capital is owned Elected Office (Councillor, MP etc.) Name of authority Trusteeships or mangemement of charities/other voluntary bodies (name of body) Public appointments (paid or unpaid) name of body Other potential conflicts Gifts and hospitality Interest of close family member
Susanne Dove Ex-Officio G/Body N/A N/A All Headteacher Central Beds Council                  
Paula Bangs Co-opted G/Body 01.09.2012 01.09.2019 All Chair of Governors & Chair T&L                    
Elaine Dicocco Staff Staff 01.05.2015


Left GB 07/12/2016

T&L N/A Central Beds Council                  
Paul Dicker Staff G/Body 07.12.2016 07/12/2020 T&L N/A Central Beds Council                  
Hayley Fitch Parent Parent election 01.09.2013 01.09.2017 T&L/M&R Chair M & R                    
Rose Gunter Co-opted G/Body 01.09.2013 01.09.2017 T&L/M&R VIice Chair of GB & Vice Chair T&L                    
Jonathan Young Parent G/Body 01.01.2016 01.05.2020 M&R M&R                    
Mike Chappell Co-opted G/Body 01.05.2015 01.05.2019 M&R Vice Chair M&R                    
Vacancy Co-opted G/Body N/A N/A T&L N/A                    
Vacancy Co-opted G/Body N/A N/A M&R N/A