Heathwood Lower School

Heathwood Lower School

Monthly Challenge


Here we are again with another set of challenges for the children.  Please encourage your child/ren to take part in these, there is normally a good range and don’t forget to remind them to come and share their own ideas for challenges; there are house points to be won if the challenge is taken up! 

Whilst December was a very busy month, for obvious reasons, some of the children have still found the time and enthusiasm to take up our Christmas challenges so a very well done to them.  They will be announced in assembly on Friday 5th January when they will be able to collect their rewards.  

So far we have one person who is a ‘three challenge’ star … Well Done to Emma in Year 2.  Also a special mention to Gracie-Mae who has completed two of the challenges.


This month’s challenges are:

  • Build a tower to support/hold a tennis ball at least 17cm above the ground. You can use straws, lolly sticks, paper, card or any recycled materials.
  • Design an active playground for school. Try thinking about zones (areas for different activities).  What activities/games would you like to play at break or lunchtimes?
  • The answer is 25cm; what is the question? Create your own problem that results in this answer, be as adventurous as you like and show your understanding of mathematical problems.  Children in years 3 and 4 should have a two-step problem at least.

Happy challenging!

Mrs Elaine Dicocco


All entries are put on the Challenge Display in the Hall. Every child who enters into the challenge will be awarded a Bright Ideas certificate and a small prize by Mrs Dicocco during our celebration assemblies.