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Monthly Challenge


Hello again, here is the news from the October challenges and some new ones for all you challengers.  We have some new star challengers - well done to Rosie in Year R, Ellie and Amelie in Year 2 who completed all three challenges. Also special mentions for completing two challenges go to Joshua (R), Olivia (2) and Raef and Persephone (3). 

My goodness what brilliant ideas some of you had with your board games … so nice to see, and what a brilliant display we had of 2D and 3D shapes!   I am also impressed by the standard of research completed by the children; keep up the good work and I hope you enjoy finding out the answers. 

I am very pleased to say that Amelie in Year 4 has set a research challenge for you this month … so let’s get busy finding out some answers!  Here are the challenges for you


  • Amelie’s challenge; How are pens made?
  • Sentence challenge: Can you make a sentence from the picture to describe or tell/start the story you imagine. My challenge is to use only 6 to 10 words. 
  • Build a maze; this can be using any materials e.g Lego, cardboard inner tubes,

straws, bricks etc


Enjoy and I hope to get more challenges back from more children than before so please get busy!

Happy challenging!

Mrs Elaine Dicocco


An extra challenge - the PTA would like you design a logo for them! 

This will be used on their event posters and letters. The logo needs to incorporate the Heathwood ‘H’ somewhere, but other than that you can be as creative as you like!  Entries (named on the back please) need to be handed into the School Office by Friday 30th November.  The winner will receive a prize from the PTA and see their logo used in all future PTA correspondence.  All entries will receive a certificate.  The winner will be chosen at the Christmas Fayre on Friday 7th December.


Don’t forget, we would be very excited if your child(ren) could set some of the challenges.  All entries are put in the Challenge Box in the Hall. Every child who enters into the challenge will be awarded a Bright Ideas certificate and a small prize by Mrs Dicocco during our celebration assemblies.