Heathwood Lower School

Heathwood Lower School

Monthly Challenge


For those new to Heathwood (and to remind those who have not yet taken part in one of our challenges), we aim to set monthly challenges for all children.  These are designed to stimulate the children’s thinking and develop creative, investigative and research skills.  We would be delighted if your child/children would like to set a challenge and they should come and see Mrs Dicocco who will add them in during the year.

To start us off this year, the September challenges will be introduced to children on Wednesday 6th September and will be:

  •  Why doesn’t the sky fall down?
  •  Can you design and either draw, sketch or paint a poster to illustrate (and persuade others to visit), the best place you have been during the Summer Holidays?
  •  Can you make an edible 3D shape? Please put your shape on the Challenge table or bring in a photo.


All entries are put in the Challenge Box in the Hall.  Every child who enters into the Challenge will be awarded a Bright Ideas certificate and a small prize from Mrs Dicocco during our monthly Challenge assemblies.