Heathwood Lower School

Heathwood Lower School

Monthly Challenge

June’s challenges are here!! Designed to stimulate the children's creative, investigative and research skills, we hope that you will encourage your child to get involved.


  • Design one of the activities for Sports Day (you will need to tell us what equipment will be needed and what the rules are.)
  • Can you find some fruit and vegetables from around the world? How do they grow? What do they taste like?

We are always very excited when children set the challenges.  Please set us a challenge, put it in the challenge box and we will choose one for July.


Well done to Raef in Class 1 for rising to the challenge in April and designing and making a craft to carry a crème egg across water.


All entries are put in the Challenge Box in the Hall. Every child who enters into the challenge will be awarded a Bright Ideas certificate and a small prize during our celebration assemblies.