Heathwood Lower School

Heathwood Lower School

Children's comments

I think Heathwood Lower School is an amazing school.  Its learning is fantastic because every day I learn something new and the things I learn are always amazing!

Kacey-Rose, Year 4



Heathwood is the best school I’ve been to because it inspired me to learn more.

                        Ben, Year 4



I believe Heathwood is amazing because the teachers help you to be happy, to learn and I’ve had an amazing 5 year stay.

Dylan, Year 4



 I think it is a lovely school and when I leave I am going to be so sad. It has taught me so much and I will use that at Middle School.  Mrs Dove is so kind, she gives us cakes for our birthdays and it is such fun.

             Halle, Year 4



I enjoy most subjects but my favourite lessons are mathematics, PE, science, geography, French and art. The reason being you can play with numbers in maths, PE gets you active, science means you can investigate, geography because you get to discover the world, French because I like to explore foreign languages and art because I like being creative.  Heathwood is a great place, the learning is fun and people are kind.  I always like a good challenge.

An extract from Ryan's letter to his new Middle School. Year 4