Heathwood Lower School

Heathwood Lower School

Children's comments


Heathwood is a great school to sing, learn and write. PE is good as well! You learn so much at Heathwood Lower School!

            Caroline, Year 4



                    Heathwood is the best school because they make it fun and most schools might not.

                                     Katie, Year 4



Heathwood is a great school to learn and spell. Heathwood is a good school to have great friends.

            Apryl, Year 4


                                                                        Our School is so great. Thank you Mrs Dove.

                                                                        Amelie, Year 3


I like Heathwood because we always have fun while learning.

               Joe, Year 3


                                                                                   I like my dinners at Heathwood.

                                                                                               Bonnie, Year 3